How to Bring Great Landscaping to Your Home

How to Bring Great Landscaping to Your Home

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If you want the outside of your home to draw eyes and become the envy of the neighborhood, then landscaping is the way to go. It increases your curb appeal, therefore going a long way toward increasing your home’s value. It can also enhance your yard’s appearance while helping you deal with problems like a lack of privacy or areas with bad drainage.

Landscaping refers to alterations to the physical appearance and infrastructure of outdoor spaces. This might mean making your gardening hobby easier by installing solutions for problems such as water control, irrigation, flower beds, and containers. Alternatively, you might prioritize turning your yard into a place where you want to spend your time.

Additionally, landscaping is an amazing investment for those thinking of selling their home in the future. Beautiful landscaping is estimated to speed a home’s sale by about six weeks. Investing 5 percent of your home’s overall value into landscaping can offer a return on investment of up to 150 percent. That’s more than almost any indoor remodel! Even a single tree over 25 feet tall can shade your lawn while helping to cut down on your heating and cooling costs by up to 10 percent.

What is Landscaping and How to Get Started

Ponds, sculptures, and flower beds tend to come to mind first when we think of landscaping. Nonetheless, landscaping encompasses hardscapes such as patios, retainer walls, boundary fences, and pathways. Landscaping can also incorporate larger plants, including trees, lawns, and shrubbery.

Like interior design, landscaping seeks to create a coherent feel or theme for your outdoor space, so landscaping professionals will often take into account the look of your furniture and outdoor living decorations. Landscaping is most often done by professionals, but a homeowner or hobbyist can also handle a few minor landscaping projects.

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