Financial Freedom Can Make You Just as Miserable as Your 9-5 Job—Unless…

Posted by Julian Montoya // November 18, 2018 // Blog / Featured

For the longest time, there was an unwritten pact in America. It went something like this: First, you attend school, show up on time, and listen to your teachers so you can get good grades and a reputable college degree. Then, there will be a nice corporate job waiting for you where you show up […]

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How to Respond to Negative Feedback in a Constructive Way

Posted by Julian Montoya // November 12, 2018 // Blog / Featured

Not reacting immediately but making sure the other person feels heard is key. Feedback, in whatever form, can have a positive impact on any working professional, helping them assess what they are doing right or where there is room for improvement. Criticism or negative feedback in particular is quite valuable as it can lead to increased performance, […]

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Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which Has Performed Better Over 145 Years?

Posted by Julian Montoya // November 4, 2018 // Featured

What’s a better investment, stocks or real estate? And, while we’re asking this grandiose question, what’s a safer investment? You probably have an opinion already as to the answer to both of these questions. It’s good to have opinions about important questions. And these certainly are important questions – they directly affect how you grow your wealth. But […]

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6 Tips for Raising the Rent Painlessly (Without Losing a Single Tenant!)

Posted by Julian Montoya // October 28, 2018 // Blog / Featured

Like most pieces of the property management puzzle, raising the rent is part art, part science. There’s a human element to it—that’s where the “art” comes into play. Fortunately, even that can be systematized. Far too many landlords hesitate and fear raising the rent. But it’s a part of the business, as raising prices is […]

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How to Invest in the Hottest Real Estate Markets and Still Cash Flow

Posted by Julian Montoya // October 14, 2018 // Featured

Most people think there are two options when buying rental property. Option A is to buy in a hot market with little to no cash flow and wait for appreciation. If you’ve been listening to the BiggerPockets Podcast for a while, you know this method is frowned upon by most investors here. Option B is to buy […]

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14 Extreme Ways to Save (for Those Hungry for Money to Invest)

Posted by Julian Montoya // September 24, 2018 // Featured

This article is not for beginners. It’s not for those just thinking about purchasing their first property in pursuit of financial independence. It’s for those who are ready, willing, and able to take their life in their own hands. It’s for those ready to seriously start making serious strides towards saving ~$20,000 to get that down payment […]

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How to Bring Great Landscaping to Your Home

Posted by Julian Montoya // September 17, 2018 // Featured

If you want the outside of your home to draw eyes and become the envy of the neighborhood, then landscaping is the way to go. It increases your curb appeal, therefore going a long way toward increasing your home’s value. It can also enhance your yard’s appearance while helping you deal with problems like a lack of privacy […]

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Planning Their Estates

Posted by Julian Montoya // August 26, 2018 // Featured

This article does not constitute legal advice. We recommend you seek the counsel of an attorney familiar with your specific situation and market to ensure you make the best decisions within your real estate business. Ever since the Internet came along, every self-proclaimed genius in the world is learning how to “do-it-yourself.” Of course, there […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About How Many Loans You Have in Real Estate

Posted by Julian Montoya // August 12, 2018 // Blog / Featured

When it comes to RE investing, if you’ve been listening to the BP podcast, roaming the forums, or reading the blog, you’ve no doubt heard many people asking the question: “How many loans can I have?” For those embarking on a new journey (which RE investing usually is), it is completely natural to want to […]

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A Guide to Real Estate Investing

Posted by Julian Montoya // July 15, 2018 // Blog / Featured

What you will need to know: If you are thinking about investing in real estate, you’ll need to do your research, so we dug deep into the internet and came out alive with a list of key concepts, myths and practices. Plus, I’ll throw in a couple of extra punchlines to keep things exciting.   One of […]

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