House-Hacking 101: Why Buying a Multifamily Home Can Be the Best Way to Start Investing in Real Estate

Posted by Julian Montoya // October 20, 2019 // Featured

If you’re in the market for a home and want to start investing in real estate, you may want to consider a strategy known as “house hacking.” What’s involved in house hacking? It’s simple: You buy a multifamily property and live in one of the units while renting out the other(s) to generate income. This […]

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New vacation rental in the best part of Asheville, NC

Posted by Julian Montoya // September 15, 2019 // Featured

Experience the relaxed Asheville lifestyle at this freshly remodeled 3BR/2.5BA home. Highlights of this two-story retreat include a media room and expertly appointed interiors. Kick back in your private fenced-in backyard, complete with a breezy deck, gas grill, and parking space for RVs. Outdoor activities abound with hiking, ziplining, kayaking, and swimming at your fingertips. […]

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Here are the key attributes of success in real estate investing…

Posted by Julian Montoya // July 7, 2019 // Featured

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Borrower Spotlight: Julian Montoya

Posted by Julian Montoya // June 30, 2019 // Featured

With over 300 active loans currently on our platform, it’s clear that we have some incredible renovation projects happening around the country. While you may have come across these homes on our platform, we thought it would be of interest to highlight the people behind the projects and give a little more detail about their […]

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6 Reasons You Might Be Struggling to Succeed (& How to Fix Them!)

Posted by Julian Montoya // May 12, 2019 // Featured

We have all heard that two-thirds of business startups fail in the first decade. If you’re like me, you encountered this statistic but dismissed it, telling yourself, “That won’t be me!” Now, a couple of months or years later, you may be wondering why things haven’t taken off like you thought they would. This issue […]

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6 Essential Considerations When Looking at Real Estate Statistics & Data

Posted by Julian Montoya // March 24, 2019 // Featured

No doubt, statistics and data can play a huge role in what investments are likely to succeed and which ones have a higher chance of tanking. Both of these, statistics and data, can give a very good picture as to the potential future of an investment or an investment’s potential. However, I oftentimes hear people […]

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The Simple Math of Early Retirement With Real Estate [With Real-Life Example!]

Posted by Julian Montoya // February 24, 2019 // Featured

Despite what you may hear from “successful” investors who build big, complex empires of hundreds or thousands of rental units, you can accomplish all of your financial independence dreams with a small, simple portfolio of real estate investments. It turns out that bigger isn’t always better. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going big in real […]

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Amazing weekend for JM11 Investments

Posted by Julian Montoya // January 7, 2019 // Featured

If You’re Pursuing Financial Independence, You’ll Feel Different Than Everyone—And That’s OK

Posted by Julian Montoya // December 23, 2018 // Blog / Featured

Once a month, I get the pleasure of going in to a class of high school seniors to introduce the concept of financial independence. This often leads to talks of house hacking, frugality, and personal finance.In the most recent lesson, Scott Trench, financial independence extraordinaire and author of Set for Life, joined me. As we were talking about meaningful […]

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Financial Freedom Can Make You Just as Miserable as Your 9-5 Job—Unless…

Posted by Julian Montoya // November 18, 2018 // Blog / Featured

For the longest time, there was an unwritten pact in America. It went something like this: First, you attend school, show up on time, and listen to your teachers so you can get good grades and a reputable college degree. Then, there will be a nice corporate job waiting for you where you show up […]

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