5 Myths About Money in Retirement

Posted by Julian Montoya // June 3, 2018 // Blog / Featured

Retiring is an amorphous and complicated goal — which means retirement planning attracts more than its fair share of plausible-sounding myths. Unfortunately, these myths, misconceptions, mistakes, and misbegotten rules of thumb can seriously lead you astray on your path to a well-funded and fulfilling retirement. Don’t fall for any of the following common myths about […]

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A Former Fortune Editor’s Advice on Making Seven Figures From Home

Posted by Julian Montoya // May 13, 2018 // Blog / Featured

I like to interview entrepreneurs in these posts. By virtue of my job, I get to speak to some pretty awesome people from time to time — both in the real estate industry and out. However, there’s one person who I’ve been wanting to sit down and grab coffee with for the past three years and hadn’t had the […]

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What Consumers Can Expect From Rising Interest Rates

Posted by Julian Montoya // May 6, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

On March 21, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate from 1.5% to 1.75%, the highest it has been since the Great Recession. It was, most likely, a big mistake. The Federal Reserve has a dual mandate to keep employment high while keeping inflation low and relatively stable. It pegs this around a goal […]

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A Jail Turned B&B? Lock Up Your Innkeeper Dreams at the JailHouse Inn

Posted by Julian Montoya // April 29, 2018 // Blog / Featured

A 12-room Minnesota bed-and-breakfast on the market for $495,000could be an ideal second chapter for a restless urbanite. With repeat guests and a budget-friendly price point, it’s a real steal for a savvy buyer who can embrace the home’s interesting past. Because a gem like the JailHouse Inn—yep, it’s a former jail—doesn’t land on the market every day. “It’s such […]

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What’s Better Financially: Paying Off Your Home Mortgage or Investing That Money?

Posted by Julian Montoya // April 22, 2018 // Blog / Featured

My household has finite income. It turns out this is a common problem. When you have a limited amount of money coming in each paycheck, it can be very easy to have conflicting financial goals. My wife and I find ourselves in this situation. Here are our top two long-term financial goals: Achieve financial independence through property […]

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4 Reasons DIY is Dead (An Argument for Outsourcing Everything)

Posted by Julian Montoya // April 15, 2018 // Blog / Featured

Everyone loves to save money, but sometimes mindset can get in the way of doing what’s most efficient. While it’s common knowledge that doing certain things yourself saves money, that isn’t necessarily always true. People think outsourcing is a luxury only available to large operations that can easily afford it. But the truth is that […]

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Is a no-closing-cost mortgage right for you?

Posted by Julian Montoya // April 8, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

A mortgage isn’t free — there are fees associated with getting the loan. Those closing costs usually total thousands of dollars. Besides writing a check to pay those fees at the closing table, there’s another way to pay them when you get a mortgage or refinance your existing one: by adding them to the loan amount. […]

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If You Haven’t Mastered This Word, You Might Be Failing at Your Business

Posted by Julian Montoya // March 26, 2018 // Blog / Featured

In the current world of the yes man, the win-a-million TV show insanity—a trophy for all ages and players no matter the results— we, as a culture, have gotten soft. As humans, we are more and more lax in our abilities to handle stress, failure, and temptation. Giving in to those things then limits our […]

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10 Factors New Entrepreneurs Need To Remember

Posted by Julian Montoya // March 20, 2018 // Blog / Featured

Being an entrepreneur takes skill and focus, as well as a good sense of timing. Without skill, you’re not offering the market anything it will value. Without focus, the host of options and paths forward will send you in dozens of directions, wasting time and resources on projects that could have worked — if they […]

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How to Build a Home Renovation Team You Can Trust

Posted by Julian Montoya // March 11, 2018 // Blog / Featured

How to Build a Home Renovation Team You Can Trust When you’re updating your home, the last thing you need is a lousy contractor. Whether you’re a professional real estate investor or a homeowner with dreams of renovating to update and improve your house, having a quality home renovation team you can trust is absolutely essential. […]

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