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The Best Refrigerator

Posted by Julian Montoya // July 8, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

Finding the best fridge for your house is exceptionally individual. For a few, fridges with a top-freezer will turn out to be the best since they fit into little spaces. For others, fridges with a base freezer (regardless of whether standard or french entryway) will make it so that they don’t need to bend down […]

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What Consumers Can Expect From Rising Interest Rates

Posted by Julian Montoya // May 6, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

On March 21, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate from 1.5% to 1.75%, the highest it has been since the Great Recession. It was, most likely, a big mistake. The Federal Reserve has a dual mandate to keep employment high while keeping inflation low and relatively stable. It pegs this around a goal […]

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Is a no-closing-cost mortgage right for you?

Posted by Julian Montoya // April 8, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

A mortgage isn’t free — there are fees associated with getting the loan. Those closing costs usually total thousands of dollars. Besides writing a check to pay those fees at the closing table, there’s another way to pay them when you get a mortgage or refinance your existing one: by adding them to the loan amount. […]

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Posted by Julian Montoya // March 5, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

When you apply for a home mortgage, you have a lot riding on successfully completing the process on time. Not securing that mortgage on time could mean losing your due diligence money, increased moving expenses, and even becoming responsible for seller expenses. That’s a lot of extra stress (and expense) piled on top of an […]

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A First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide: What You Need to Know

Posted by Julian Montoya // February 15, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

Anyone can buy a house, but finding a home is a little more involved. Check out our guide and find a home you can truly call your own. Buying a house is a pivotal and often life-changing moment in anyone’s life. There’s a lot that goes into it, and if you’re a first-time home buyer, […]

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The Hottest Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2018

Posted by Julian Montoya // January 14, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured / Sell A House

See which cities are making the cut this year. If you’re thinking about where to move next, you’re probably considering a wide array of factors like work, family, and the start of a new chapter. Every home purchase is also a huge investment—possibly the biggest you’ll make in your life. Looking at the markets poised for growth […]

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How to Actually Afford to Buy A Home in America

Posted by Julian Montoya // October 1, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

Home buyers today face tough challenges—housing prices have soared, a dollar doesn’t go as far as it once did and rent is more expensive than the past. How are people today making such a large purchase in spite of these hurdles? With more flexibility and a bit of creativity when it comes to financing, today’s […]

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First-Time Home Buyers Guide: Buying With Student Loans And Debt

Posted by Julian Montoya // July 30, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

Buying Your First Home: Dealing With Student Loans It’s different to be a first-time home buyer as compared to an experienced one. First-time home buyers often skew younger then the general home-buying population which means less work experience, lower income levels, and usually, less money saved for down payment. It also can mean higher levels of federal […]

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Get the best of both worlds: sleek minimalist living on a rustic ranch. This tiny home near Santa Fe is the perfect escape from city life.

Posted by Julian Montoya // July 23, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

Giddy up. You don’t need to be a certifiable cowboy to appreciate this gentleman’s ranchabout an hour outside of Santa Fe. Photos courtesy Marshall Elias Photography. The homeowners rounded up more than 1,000 acres of land in Villanueva, NM, and built a modern, 500-square-foot home of steel and glass to shelter them from the desert sun. The […]

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What Is a Home Warranty, and Do You Need One?

Posted by Julian Montoya // May 7, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

If you own a home, chances are this repair and maintenance safety net could come in handy. First-time homeowners may be in for a shock when their water heater breaks on a cold winter morning, or their dishwasher starts to leak all over the new hardwood floors in the kitchen. The instinctive call to the landlord […]

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